Monday, October 5, 2009

Personal Philosophy Wikispaces: Questions Brainstorm

Post your teams brainstorming questions as comments so your classmates can also use them to inspire their personal philosophy statements.


  1. Question:
    - How can fear dicate what we do?
    - How can women stand up in their society (gaining power, with limited rights)?

  2. Haley & Amanda

    How does the motif of being sheltered affect the towns people in the Village?

    What does the motif of deceit contribute to the events of the trials in The Crucible?

    All texts ask the question of self- gratification and personal gain.

  3. Brian and Paul

    How do societies respond to fear?

    What do societies gain by repressing the people's freedoms?

    How far are people willing to go for power?

  4. At what point will people choose to rebel against the norm or the truth for personal satisfaction?

    How are women percieved in society, what is their role, and what do they do about it?

  5. Does fear create a sense of responsibility in societies?

    Does lack of knowledge further the development of fear within a society?

  6. What makes people believe or trust in something or someone?
    What brings about hope where there appears to be none?
    How can each trial someone goes through lead to a hopeful victory?
    -Bridget Louis Mary Catherine Meyer

  7. What character traits are prominent within each selection of literature? Do these commonalities also have prevalence in our society outside of fiction?

    In all of the texts characters suffer from an overexposer to cultural anxieties.

  8. Katie, Sydney and Ally

    -How far will a society go to preserve innocence?
    -How do people handle fear?
    -Why do people allow cultural anxietys to permiate?
    -Are you strong enough to challenge the system and not get swept up cultural anxiety?

  9. Hailey, Paige and kate

    What struggles must a person overcome in order to maintain loyalty to the ones they love?

    Does everything happen for a reason and will certain events have an effect on the distant future?

  10. What compromises innocence inside each individual?
    At what point does un-truthfulness become corruption?

  11. Kailyn and Melissa:

    How does an author's life affect their writing and point of view?

    How does one's perception of himself/herself affect their decisions?

  12. Hannah, Kaeli and Meg

    Is it more important to please yourself and betray others or to please the people around you and sacrifice your own happinies?

    Is it fair to judge something or someone based on a first impression?

  13. Kristen, Madi, and Paige

    How do we let peer pressure control our everyday lives?

    What role does religion play in a cultural anxiety?

    How can fear cause a person to go against their moral values?

    Why does today’s culture cause people to do irrational things out of fear?

  14. Grant C, Brian F, Ben S

    Does fear influence or impact our lives and desicions?

    Do the standards society set for us impact our daily lives and choices?